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Arriving on time, with a great attitude, and fully prepared, sets the mood for the entire shoot!

Find and hire a Makeup Artist

Makeup and Hair Styling are not provided so models should hire their own Makeup Artist. We highly recommend www.makeupbypaulina.com.

Inform the Makeup Artist if you have any allergic reactions to specific makeup products.

Discuss with your Makeup Artist if they want you to arrive with a foundation already applied.

In the week leading up to the shoot

Take a look at the “Inspirational photos” page of this site and pay close attention to the categories that will most apply to your shoot.

Shave legs, armpits and appropriate areas at least 2 days before the shoot to prevent rashes and inflamed areas.

Wash and iron clothes, polish shoes, boots, etc. and pack into a suitable case or bag. Creases etc. will make the shot, and therefore you, look bad.

Drink plenty of water and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol as much as possible.

Avoid fake tan. Even if you think it looks fine, the camera will magnify every little streak and flaw. Most photographers prefer pale to poor fake tan. If you absolutely have to do it, get it professionally done at least 3-4 days in advance of the shoot.

Color hair at least a week before shoot, if it goes wrong you have time to make it right.

Prevent late nights as much as possible, and get some sleep especially the night prior to the shoot.

Adopt a skin cleansing and moisturizing routine to help prevent spots, blemishes, blackheads, and unsightly rashes.

Adopt a nail care routine. Clean and manicure your nails or buy and apply fake nails the night before the shoot. It’s best to use no color or a neutral color to go with many different looks.

Pack and bring your own towel and makeup if preferred.

For outdoor shoots bring appropriate shoes for the journey to the location, bearing in mind that this may involve hills, muddy fields, rocks, rivers, etc. I have known a few women who can do these in stilettos but they are very rare.

If you need to CANCEL after confirming the appointment, you must call 48 hours before the shoot.

Day before shoot

Take another look at the “Inspirational photos”  page of this site and pay close attention to the categories that will most apply to your shoot.

Pay special attention to the category called “Posing”.

Pose a little bit in front of a mirror so you can get an idea of what you will look like as you try on every outfit and see how it looks and feels

Day of shoot

Wash, condition and brush hair before the shoot. Natural is always best; long, short, curly or straight. Be versatile with your hair so you can pin it up or pull it back for different looks. For reasons of hygiene please bring your own hair brushes and combs.

Have a shower and use a non-staining deodorant and moisturizers.

Wear loose fitting garments to prevent unsightly indentations to waistline, ankles, breasts, etc.

Bring your own moisturizer and cleansing wipes to the shoot. Products you are used to are unlikely to cause last minute skin issues.

If you are doing your own makeup, try to avoid having your face and body totally different shades.

ARRIVE ON TIME!!! Being on time is also very important. Makeup takes a set amount of time, as does the entire shoot. Every minute you’re late WILL cut into your shoot time.

Photographer Interaction

  • Please don't hesitate to share any and ALL ideas. We can work together to make this shoot a very successful and enjoyable experience, resulting in creative and beautiful images!
  • Feel free to bring accessories, props, etc. Models are also free to bring someone with them to accompany the shoot as long as the person does not interfere, linger or stifle the creative process.
  • It is standard for all subjects to sign a Model Release. Click here to view or print out a copy of the release ahead of time.


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